We’ve all done it – thought about what winning Lotto would look like. Aside from the holiday and the house, you know that a car or three are close to the top of your list.

Which always gets me thinking. What would I buy?

Money is no object. You need something to drive every day, the “Daily Drive” – that’s gotta handle the kids, it’s got to be comfy and can be parked with ease or sit through traffic ok.

Then comes the weekend. You’re going to the shops, or you’re going up the coast – no matter what you want to shake off your weekday persona and be the man you wanna be. So you’ll need a “Weekender”.

But then the rev-head in you thinks hey – should my Weekender have some grunt? For the racetrack? No, it doesn’t have to – so why not get a Track Day car! The “Track Car” will be fun to fang around the track. In some cases you might drive it there and back, others might need a flatbed trailer.

How do I know we all think about it? Well, I asked some mates. You may know and recognise them, but you also may or may not respect their choices.

Our choices in cars say a lot about us, so how about we let the cars do the talking.

Greg Rust

Rusty is a long time friend of EFTM. You’ll remember him from his many years hosting Channel 10’s coverage of the F1, or from the Pit Lane at the Supercars. These days he lives the life as one of Australia’s most successful podcasters, hosting Rusty’s Garage – a must-listen for rev heads.

Daily Driver: Nissan Navara ST-X
Weekender: 70’s Porsche 911
Track Car: Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car

Rusty loves his Navara – the “Family truckster” does it all, and he’s on a bit of land so there’s work to be done with it too! He knows full well he should have grabbed that 70’s 911 before now – the prices are crazy today so there’s some regret for poor rusty there.

And the track car has some significance. Greg got to drive one at Winton a few years ago and that remains a highlight for him. Craig Baird was his coach for the day and got his times down to a nice respectable number. Top stuff Rusty!

Ben Fordham

Ben is well known to us all as the host of Channel 9’s Ninja Warrior, and drive-time radio host at Sydney’s 2GB and Brisbane’s 4BC. With three very young kids and a busy life with his wife Jodee also in the media, they’re going to need practicality.

Full disclosure, Ben’s not much of a car guy, so – here’s what I’ve done – I’ve picked three cars for him.

Daily Driver: Audi Q7
Weekender: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Track Car: Mazda MX-5

The Q7 is luxury, it’s comfortable, it’s high tech. 100% suits the family. On the weekends though, I can see the family hitting the beach, or driving down the coast. How great is the classic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon!

And look, while we don’t think Ben has done a lot of track racing, how great would it be to see him thrashing a Mazda MX-5 around!

Garth Tander

Supercar driver Garth Tander is no stranger to speed and you can imagine he’s driven a bunch of great road cars at test days and ride-along days.

He’s as pure a rev-head as they come, so this all makes utter sense:

Daily Driver: Audi RS6
Weekender: Ferrari 812
Track Car: Pagani Zonda R

The RS6 is one stunning car, with big rims, the right colour it looks sick. Inside the tech is out of this world, and it’s comfortable for the whole family.

That 812 is going to have Garth and Leanne leaving the kids with babysitters and heading off for a weekend away. And Garth’s going to have to battle Leanne for the keys.

And of all these responses, the Pagani Zonda R may be the ultimate track day choice. Respect.

Karl Stefanovic

I’ve known Karl for a few years, we work together on The Today Show. I can confirm he’s not much of a car guy. But I know he respects them and knows what’s good and bad.

That’s what troubles me about his responses.

Daily Driver: Toyota Landcruiser
Weekender: Toyota Landcruiser
Track Car: Toyota Yaris

I don’t think he’s taken this seriously, but he’s got kids, he’s got a busy life, so the Landcruiser is going to be a winner.

As for the Yaris, call me when that happens – can’t wait to hear the tyres screech.

Paul Murray

Paul Murray is the host of Sky News’ most popular show – Paul Murray Live. He’s opinionated, and let me tell you – he loves cars. He loves Holden.

But when I asked him this question, his text message response came in just moments – these three cars came right off the top of his head.

Daily Driver: Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn 4WD Mega Cab
Weekender: Fully Restored 1968 Ford Mustang GT
Track Car: Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

Lots of noise, and lots of fun. Just like Paul.

He’ll be fat arming around town in the RAM during the week, with the kids climbing into the back for the school run. He’ll park intentionally next to as many electric cars as possible just to stick it to them.

Then on the weekend that ’68 Mustang will take him on the backroads to country NSW before stopping in at a Flag Inn or whatever they are now.

And if you let him loose in that Shelby GT350R – you’ll hear it from the next suburb.

Peter Overton

As the face of Channel 9 in Sydney, Peter Overton is one of the most respected News-men in Australia. He hosts the 6pm News as the one we turn to when we want to stay up to date on everything that’s happening around the world.

Daily Driver: Range Rover Vogue
Weekender: Ford Ranger Wildtrak
Track Car: Ferrari F12 TDF

The Vogue is a classic, and suits Peter and his wife Jessica perfectly. The Wildtrak took me by surprise though, so I’m seeing the family heading out to a country property where you need a bit of load space.

But boy oh boy is that Track car a treat – I wanna see Pete’s smile after just one corner in the Ferrari F12 TDF. GET ME THAT PHOTO!

Jason Crump

Jason is one of Australia’s most successful international sports-stars. He won the 500cc Solo Speedway world championship three times.

I suspect I know what car brand he loves the most.

Daily Driver: Audi Q7
Weekender: Audi R8
Track Car: Audi R8

Given he’s got kids, the Q7 is smart. Not sure how he’ll tow the boy’s go-kart in the R8 though. I suspect the Q7 will get a run for that.

Love the R8. Perfect.

Joe Hilderbrand

Oh Joe. You Crack me up.

He’s got a quick wit, but his humor also disguises his intellect. As the host of Studio 10 on Channel 10, he’s dealing with real-world issues every day. He editorialises about the news and politics at news.com.au, but he is clearly living in the past.

This is not Joe’s car – but one you can find for sale:)

Daily Driver: 2008 Falcon MkIII wagon, LPG conversion with secondhand roof rack (my actual car!)
Weekender: 1980s Landcruiser
Track Car: 1970 Mustang GT500

Yep, he’s driving a 2008 Falcon. Strangely, I can actually picture that.

With an 80’s Landcruiser coming out for the Saturday Sports run, it seems the kids are hoping Mum has the fancy car.

But boy Joe, you’ve got me going with the GT500 Track car.

Matt de Groot

Matt is an MC, He hosts events like the Swans games, Rubgy matches and plenty of live sport – and is also the butt of many of Fitzy and Wippa’s jokes on Nova 969 in Sydney as their resident Newsreader.

He’s also a car guy, through and through. As this list proves.

Daily Driver: Range Rover Sport
Weekender: Aston Martin DB9
Track Car: Mark Webber’s RB6 from 2010

Rockin into work in the Rangey – perfection. Cruising down the freeway to the coast road in a DB9 – gold.

And that track car? That’s out of the box thinking. Oh to have that time over again, oh for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to have been different. Oh to see that car.

Matt – you won’t fit into it sorry mate. Maybe stick with what you told me was your dream car – the McLaren 540c Coupé

Kyle Sandilands

King Kyle was overseas when I got in touch about the Dream Garage, but given his responses, I thought it important to update the story.

Kyle is well known as the king of FM Breakfast Radio in Sydney alongside Jackie O on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

And, he’s known for his exotic and high priced taste in cars. So, it might not surprise you to know that Kyle’s “Dream Garage” IS his garage – he already owns all three of these:

Daily Driver: Bentley Mulsanne Speed
Weekender: Rolls Royce Phantom
Track Car: Ferrari 458

Well played Kyle. Well played.

Trevor Long

So ok, Here’s my list.

Daily Driver: Mercedes Benz EQC
Weekender: Jaguar F-Type
Track Car: Porsche Taycan

Look, the EQC is a stunning car. I love EVs but they are way out of reach to most people. This car is like no other EV, because it’s just another stunning Mercedes – that just happens to be electric.

On the weekend, I’m outta there – the Jaguar F-Type has been a dream car for years, stemming from my love of the E-Type as a kid I’m sure.

And give me a Porsche Taycan any day. But I don’t want to drive it every day. I Would love to hit the track and show some Tesla owners how it’s done.

There it is, a real thought-starter. Jump over to our Facebook Page to let us know what you think!