Epic deal on Apple Homepod: $299 at JB Hi-FI

Isolation for many is leading to a lot of online shopping, and we’ve found (thanks to the EFTM Man Cave) an epic deal on an epic bit of technology.

The Apple HomePod is easily one of the best speakers on the market, if not smart speakers. If you live in the Apple Ecosystem and enjoy music, you won’t find anything better.

But, at $469, it’s damn expensive.

So imagine my surprise when I saw it at just $299 at JB HiFi! yep, $299.

That’s the online price, if you do happen to try in-store, be sure to show them their own website to get the deal.

Happy Shopping, enjoy the music to keep you going.

Web: JB HiFi

Epic deal on Apple Homepod: $299 at JB Hi-FI
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