As many people flip open their laptops in the corner of the bedroom to get away from the kids and get some work done, many are also finding their Internet speed isn’t up to scratch.

But, as we’ve explained, it’s probably not your “internet”, it’s more likely your home WiFi that is at fault.

You see that Modem your ISP provided is sending out WiFi from that location, and if – like most people, that location is on one side of the house then the rooms at the other side might struggle.

To test this, we put the Linksys Velop Mesh Wifi system in the hands of a family that had this very problem.

Here’s a bit of a “heat map” of their home WiFi. Green is good, Red not so good

Now it doesn’t seem terrible of course, but those colours changing mean slower speeds, and slow speeds combined with lots of devices (read: Family all at home) can really drag things down.

So, enter the Linksys Velop.

In this case a three unit system. One unit at the Modem, one in the centre of the home and one upstairs.

They communicate together, transmitting a signal across the home – think of it like a dome of WiFi over your home.

And you get this:

More specific testing shows you can even have a 99% signal the throughput – or speed of the network might be down.

Here’s how this household shaped up:

A – Loungeroom99%474 Mbps99%482 Mbps
B – Playroom99%252 Mbps99%462 Mbps
C – Study99%520 Mbps99%474 Mbps
D – Master Bedroom99%498 Mbps99%474 Mbps
E – Kids Bedroom34%37 Mbps99%231 Mbps
F – Kids Bedroom53%55 Mbps99%295 Mbps

Linksys Velop is one of many mesh WiFi systems on the market.

You’ll find the Velop tri-band 3 pack for $599 at JB HiFi – there’s short supply right now, so it might take some online shopping.

Remember, the Tri-Band Mesh systems will offer the best speeds overall, so be sure to buy the right one!