We already know the VIVE COSMOS ELITE is a cracking good VR headset. John-boy got more than a bit excited when he had a crack, and we’ve got one in the EFTM office right now and it’s – well, it’s distracting us.

Well, here’s some cracking news for gamers, the most anticipated VR Game of all time is going to be bundled with purchases of the VIVE Cosmos Elite.

Half-Life: Alyx is a new, full-length virtual reality entry in the Half-Life series.

I played the original Half-Life back in the day, and can only imaging how immersive this new generation is going to be in VR.

All the more so because it’s a game designed from the ground up for Virtual Reality.

Buy a VIVE Cosmos Elite, and you’ll get a Half-Life: Alyx download code which you can redeem when the game launches on March 23.

Yves Maître, CEO of HTC said “Since we introduced VIVE, the industry has clamoured for a seminal VR title,”

“With Half-Life: Alyx, we believe Valve is delivering the experience and expertise to move VR gameplay forward. Congratulations to the Valve team on the upcoming launch.”

Aussie boss of HTC’s Vive business Thomas Deximer says “There are few franchises that capture the hearts and minds of gamers around the world like Half-Life and we can’t wait to show our customers what awaits them when paired with Vive Cosmos Elite,”

“We know our customers are going to love the experience of playing on Vive Cosmos Elite from visuals to the ability to quickly flip up in and out of VR.”

The Vive Cosmos Elite bundle retails for AUD $1,699 and launches today worldwide – You’ll need an epic PC to run it though too remember.