Way back when I was allowed to fly around the world, I last took a trip from the US to Australia and stumbled across a show on the in-flight entertainment that changed my view of “content” forever.

It was a train trip, the Indian Pacific. From Perth to Sydney, I don’t know how long the “documentary” was, but it was slow, and boring. Just what I needed to switch off from the world.

Well, Audi seem to think that’s just what we all need – and in a time when Road Trips are most certainly not encouraged, “The Drive” could be your perfect escape.

It’s a “meditative road trip” through the Australian Countryside, and of course, it’s in an Audi A6.

Filmed over the shoulder of the Driver, as well as on cameras off the car and drone shots, this will be a stunning way to see the Aussie landscape.

It was all shot in the NSW Central Tablelands, so you can sit back, crack a cold one and just enjoy the view from your isolation, the same way composer John Hassell did (minus the cold one) when he scored the soundtrack from his studio in France.

Nikki Warburton, the Aussie boss of Audi Marketing said “During this difficult time for many of us, Audi wanted to create an innovative way
of bringing the iconic Australian road-trip to people in their homes,”

“The Drive” is a digital concept that allows customers to experience the pleasure of the open road from the confines of their home, and to hopefully offer Australians some tranquillity and mental wellbeing during these uncertain and unsettling times,” said Warburton.

It’s available now, so sit back, relax and enjoy “The Drive”. Oh yeah, I see what they did there. You can find it on Facebook (Audi Australia)

Or right here: