I’ve found the cure! The Coronavirus cure! 

Actually, no. Not even a little bit. But what I have found is a wonderful way to pass the time in isolation. 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the call. Carsales.com is my favourite website of all time, next to EFTM.com, of course. 

Greg Roebuck and Wal Pisiotta might have been thinking that they were creating a money spinner when they first launched Carsales.com back in 1997, but I don’t think they would have thought that they would be the creators of one of the best ways to past the time since a cuppa tea and a crisp copy of The Trading Post

I am throwing down a challenge. The next time the kids are busy catching up on some screen time, treat yourself to ten minutes dreaming, wishing and scheming on an auto trading website. 

You will find some utterly fascinating gems amongst the Toyota Corollas and Kia Rios. Like the little number hiding over at Scuderia Graziani in the Sydney suburb of Woollomooloo – the perfect little ‘pick me up’ in these depressing times. 

This 1991 Ferrari F40 was one of the last ‘regular’ F40s built. Coming to Sydney via Italy, Japan and Melbourne and having covered just over 8000km, this is an especially tidy example. Still, at $2,390,900 it ought to be good. At least you save around $118k in stamp duty – you won’t be able to get it registered.

Gordon Murray drove an F40 and hated it, but, for me, dreaming about 470hp at 7000rpm from a twin turbo Maranello V8 isn’t the cure for isolation blues, I don’t know what is.

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