Late last year we took a Tesla Model X and drove it from Brisbane to Adelaide to test out and check out the Supercharger network that had been built to help and encourage Tesla owners to make the odd road-trip. One massive problem with the network was Coffs Harbour.

Great views, but a rubbish location. Sitting for 30-40 minutes for a charge with no coffee, shop, or anything at all was a real downer. It was perched on top of a hill above the Big Banana.

Today, loyal EFTM reader Tez let us know that a brand new supercharger is now setup at the Park Beach Plaza shopping centre.

It’s a welcome sight for any Tesla owner, especially those who have made the trip from Brisbane to Sydney let alone further.

The new installation is a six bay setup, and being located on the Northern edge of the Park Beach Plaza shopping centre meaning there’s a huge range of food and shopping options for those plugging in for a charge.