Ruslan Kogan is famous for not advertising on mainstream media – his data analytics team work hard to target advertising using Google’s ad platform to dangle a carrot in front of their most likely customers.

That’s not to say he’s never advertised offline. There have been the odd Newspaper spot and even a TV ad produced to target Harvey Norman directly but in reality, none could be described as a “campaign”.

All that changed today when took to the airwaves on Channel 9 and Foxtel with a series of fifteen second TV Commercials.

They are simple ads, but there’s one important thing that you won’t see in them.

There’s no Kogan TV – this is not about letting people know sell TVs. People know that.

These ads are about exposing a wide audience to the fact there are millions of different items available at

Kogan is more than just TVs – it will be interesting to see how well that message converts to traffic, customers, and results.