EFTM is all about Cars, Tech and Lifestyle. The world is a bit different now and how we think about these subjects needs to be a bit different for the moment.

Let us take cars. The LifeStyler’s household has four cars and now we are not taking advantage of cheap fuel, as they are all still full from before the crisis. Yesterday we needed to go pick up a larger item so we jumped in the station wagon and turned the key. You guessed it the battery was almost flat. Luckily, on the third try, it spluttered to life.

When I was young, the car not starting was a common occurrence but now we just assume they will work. So make sure you give all your cars a run to the shops otherwise it may not work when you need it.

Tech. Uncle Trevor has had a lot to say on this already but let us just say a home Wi-Fi network that was fine pre working from home maybe did not work so well when everyone started doing this. Who would have thought we would all become great in front of a camera (you Zoomsters). Therefore, we have or will need to adjust our technology world

Lifestyle. So much, we could talk about here but let us just concentrate on relationships. My niece is a very social young woman. She was always out and now she is at home in a two bedroom flat with a female flatmate who is her main companion. They were friends, both single but never really socialised together. How do they stay sane or meet boys? Tinder the famous “hook-up” app has seen a massive spike in conversations and these conversations are no longer constrained by borders. Are we seeing the return of pen pals (the practice of writing to one another to have a friendship)?
Finally yet importantly, is it not amazing to spend 24 hrs a day with your bride or groom? Maybe as a newlywed but some decades later – No. (Sorry Mrs LifeStyler but you know you need a break from me). Therefore, adjustments need to be made, like exercising by yourself or a video call with your mate/s to share a beer and just talk. Remember we are all in this together and it is good to talk, listen and share.

The LifeStyler for many years has given a set of kitchen knives as marriage presents with a simple message attached. Marriage must be maintained just like you must keep a knife sharp if you let it go dull it will no longer work. Thus, we always have worked on maintaining our lives we just need to adjust a bit now.

The LifeStyler has also increased his wine consumption as an adjustment. Cheers!