Braun are a household name when it comes to products in the bathroom with toothbrushes and shavers topping the list for us men. Their focus on innovation and desire to be the best keeps their products improving year on year. Their latest announcement follows this trend.

The Braun Series 5 shaver range pack in some really impressive features for those who like to do it electronically. For many, the use of a razor is preferred due to thick or difficult hair and Braun has targeted this in the new shaver.

An AutoSensing motor automatically reads the density of the beard along the cheek, neck and jaw. It adapts the power flow automatically, accelerating where the beard is denser to keep the same performance during the whole shave maintaining consistent blade frequency and amplitude. As the shaver moves across the face, it continually reads and detects differences in beard density and adapts its power accordingly. Quite a shaving experience, it glides over the skin delivering the right power just where it’s needed.

Other features include the Braun Free Float system, a floating foil that effortlessly follows facial contours for a smooth finish. It is also equipped with the Ultra ActiveLift trimmer to effectively capture problem hairs, especially around the neck and chin. The Comfort FlexHead’s independently flexible cutting elements work on an adjustable head that maintains maximum skin contact thanks to both MicroFunction and MacroFunction capabilities. MicroMotion is individual suspension of all cutting elements meaning they respond to even the smallest contours. MacroMotion is a 40° pivoting shaver head effortlessly navigating along larger contours for maximum skin contact.

The feature packed Braun Series 5 is available now where all good shavers are sold for $399.