Here’s thinking outside the box – Westfield shopping centres aren’t as busy as they normally are as Aussies adhere to the Government’s “stay at home” advisory, but we all still need things from the shops right?

Enter Westfield Direct. This is simple, and brilliant.

You head to the Westfield Direct website, and choose your local Westfield.

Then you’ll be presented with a list of stores operating the “click and collect” service at that centre. You then scroll through, find your dozen donuts from Donut King, a Boost Juice and some lunch from the local Cafe.

You might even get some books from a bookstore, or some hand cream from Aesop.

The thing is, you can shop at a whole range of stores in the one transaction – this isn’t like Uber Eats where you pick on place and that’s your order.

Phil McAveety from Westfield’s operator Scentre Group said “In these challenging times, we understand more than ever the need to be agile and respond to the fast-changing needs of our customers.

“Westfield Direct is an innovation we’ve fast-tracked to provide customers a safe and easy solution to shop the items they need in one transaction, from the comfort of their home for pick-up via one, contactless stop. Whether that be home-schooling essentials for the family, pantry items or dinner from multiple restaurants, we will continue to adapt Westfield Direct to meet our customers’ needs for the times we live in.

“For our retail partners who are still able to trade within government restrictions, Westfield Direct provides a new way for them to continue reaching their customers. The response from our retailers so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with dozens joining each day and we’re looking forward to seeing where the Westfield Direct service takes us in the coming months.”

There are over 350 retailers signed up, over 8,000 products, so there’s a lot to choose from – plus, it will only grow as people use the service.

Once you order, hop in the car, and head to the shops – head to the Valet Parking area of your local (the details of which are on the Westfield Direct website for each centre), and pull up talk to the staff.

They then go and get your orders – you don’t need to get out of your car. They’ll put it in the boot, or in the back seat, they’ll even hand you your order if you want.

Awesome idea, let’s see how it goes!