When Foxtel’s CEO Patrick Delaney announced the “New Foxtel Experience” there was a lot of hype, but the timeline to implement the update is several months, with over 1 million IQ boxes needing a software update.

50,000 lucky customers got the new experience update quite fast – this first batch was sent out to get a bulk test and prove the update was reliable – with several hundred thousand more due to get the update this month, starting at the end of this week.

But for those of us with the old software who are keen to get the update – it could be a tireless wait.

Sources at Foxtel confirm to EFTM that there is a way to manually force the software update, and more interestingly – over 19,000 Foxtel customers have manually updated their IQ4 boxes to get the New Foxtel Experience.

Demand is strong – people seem excited by what the update offers.

So – if you’re a Foxtel customer – here’s how to force a software update on the IQ4:

  • First, turn on the IQ4
  • On the box itself (not your remote), press and hold the power button until you see it change from Blue to Red and then KEEP PRESSING it until it changes back to Blue.
  • Release your finger
  • Now press the power button three times quickly and it should turn Orange in colour.
  • Your screen will likely go blank.
  • The Download and Update will take at least 10 minutes.
  • You now just need to wait.

Once updated, you can check you’ve got the latest Foxtel software in the settings.

Press HOME on your remote, then Settings and then Advanced Settings. Look at System Details – the “New Foxtel Experience” will be available on version