You’ve been out stocking up on Pasta, Toilet Paper and Gym supplies, now it’s time to look around the house and think about what needs improving as we settle in for six months stuck at home.

Admit it, you’re already watching more TV than ever right?

A soundbar might seem like an unnecessary extra thing to some – but when you realise that even the most basic soundbars add a huge level of better sound to all your viewing, things start leaning toward “Which soundbar should I buy”.

In this video, Trev looks at what makes different soundbars differ from each other. How is a 2 channel soundbar different to a 2.1? And what the heck is 5.1?

Looking at it through the use of some of JBL’s very latest gear, you’ll understand what makes a soundbar a great purchase, and which one might be perfect for you.

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