We’ve known for some time that Foxtel is launching another streaming subscription service and that it’s being built and run by the team at Stream Motion who created and run Kayo.

Now we know more.

Firstly, it’s launching next week. May 25 we’ll know more.

Secondly, It’s called Binge.

EFTM can reveal this is what we believe to be the logo for the new service:

What it will cost, we don’t know. However, expect Kayo to be your best guide – at $25 they’ve done pretty good business. For those Foxtel users who love entertainment more than sport – perhaps this is a winner over or alongside Netflix?

Foxtel boss Patrick Delaney today said “Our new entertainment streaming service, which launches next Monday, provides a different curation of the Foxtel Group’s entertainment content focused on mobile devices and the streaming generation who want to share on the big screen. It is distinctly branded and aimed at part of the Australian market who either don’t want to pay for our premium product or who have decided Foxtel is not for them,”

“We have been beta-testing the service for a few weeks and we are sure Australians will love everything about it. It brings an exciting new brand to younger streaming audiences with a very different and compelling product experience, and a distinctly curated mix of the best drama and movies from the world’s best entertainment brands.”

In reality, $25 will be too much, so a $9.99 starting price for a basic version with limited quality and limited screens, escalating to that $25 figure for more features.

Time will tell.