Well, here’s the thing, at the start of the year, I convinced my wife to let me get a big-screen TV. I mean – BIG. We had a 65 inch TV, and that’s great, but – and I know how this sounds – we have quite a large lounge room, so, there’s room for more.

Husband’s of Australia. Here’s how I did it. I measured out the size of a new TV and used painters tape to mark it out. That way she could “see” how big it was, and it as almost instant approval.

And Big TVs really are – bang of for your buck – not ridiculously priced so it’s worth a look.

We had a stunning Hisense 85 Inch TV delivered, I got the legends at Universal Home Theatre to install it, and bingo, we’re ready to go.

Then the Pandemic hit, lockdown started and all sport was cancelled.

I literally had a big-screen TV installed the week of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix – then it, and soon after all sport was canceled.

Now, I can tell you in that time, we’ve watched a LOT of Netflix, a lot of Stan, Free to Air, Apple TV, Movies, and Gaming – the experience has been amazing. Big. Is. Better.

Last night though, the reason for a big-screen became ever more clear. Sport.

The mighty Parramatta Eels against the Broncos. It. Looked. Amazing.

We sit a good way back from the TV because the lounge room is kinda long not wide, and it really did feel like a fantastic viewing experience.

I’m not for a second saying 85 Inch TVs are for everyone, but the sales data shows that we are looking for bigger and bigger TVs every year.

So my challenge to you is, get out the painters tape, and work out just how big that space on the wall or cabinet is, and imagine your next TV.

Go Big or Go Home folks. It’s simple.