When you find a good thing, stick with it. That’s the idea behind the latest update from 13 Cabs, with the option to now set a preferred driver in their app expanding to users on the Gold Coast, and in Adelaide.

I’ve got a number of phone numbers saved for cabbies located around Australia – and one or two internationals as well. Local knowledge is an underrated gift in a new place and a cabbie knows all the best places to eat, stay and where to go and now you can ensure your next ride is with the same driver if you want.

The service has previously been running in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, and Brisbane, letting you select a preffered driver and request them again for future bookings using the 13cabs app.

It’s not just a ride you can book, you can also have them deliver parcels, groceries, pharmacy items and even takeaway food.

To save a preferred driver for next time you can select the ‘My Driver’ option in the app and add their driver ID from the receipt, their found on your Driver’s ID card, or just ask them if they’re interested in a little more business from you in the future and they’ll definitely tell you.

You can save up to 5 Drivers for each city you visit, making this a really easy thing to do to meet up with a driver who you like next time you’re there.

I got to tell you I love this feature, and it’s this kind of innovation that will keep the ride sharing services on their toes – great service is a winner.

To give it a go, download the 13Cabs app from iTunes or Google Play and make sure you grab the driver ID from your next cabbie to store in the app.