When Samsung announced their 2020 TV lineup and pricing earlier this year the 8K range was excluded and listed as still to be announced. While I thought that meant it would be later in the year, they’ve come right out of the gates with the range which is available now at major retailers.

There are two 8K models, both of them coming in three sizes – 65 inch, 75 inch and 82 inch.

Hass Mahdi from Samsung Australia explains the range as a breakthrough in TV quality and design “Last year, Samsung was the first brand to launch 8K TV in Australia. We’re again pioneering the category with further breakthroughs in TV and home entertainment with the launch of the next generation in 8K QLED TV experiences. 

The Q950T QLED 8K is the marquee television in Samsung’s 2020 range and is the ultimate big-screen that can deliver content that is breathtakingly real, it feels like you could step right into it. 

This picture quality doesn’t mean Aussies have to compromise and have a bulky screen, as the Q950 8K is thinner than 5 cent.

We’re committed to delivering products that provide experiences that enhance our lifestyle in and around the home. Entertainment through TV, movies, streaming, gaming and music.”

Pricing looks like this – for the stunning Q950T series the 85 incher tops out at $21,999, the 75 inch is $13,499 and the 65 incher is $9,999.

Samsung’s Q800T 8K TV starts at $6,399 at 65 inches, $8,699 for the 75 incher and $11,649 for the 82 inch TV.