We like to support our fellow Aussies businesses, farmers and families, and an app called Strayan can help you do just that by letting you know just how Australian Made a product is just by scanning the barcode. 

The app, which is available for both Android and iOS was built by Melbourne resident Alex, who learned to code mobile apps during their lockdown. The app can scan barcodes of products on supermarket shelves at Woolies, Coles, IGA and more, giving you a score out of 100 on just how local a product is. 

The score is calculated based on the origin of ingredients, manufacturing details such as where it’s assembled and details on the ownership. There’s almost a quarter million entries – 224,910 to be precise – available to be scanned in the app, with the creator hoping to add the option for users to add more this year.

The app is ad-supported but free, though there is an in-app purchase available for ‘Strayan Max’ for $11.99/year which removes the ads, and offers a host of new features including favourites list, the option to weight your own score for products and more. 

The app is the first stage for Strayan with Alex saying the company, which is staffed by his family, is looking to ‘launch many more initiatives as we feel a lot more can be done’ to move the needle towards Australian producers.

You can check out more on Strayan on their website, or just download it to your phone and start scanning now.