We’ve all watched an inordinate amount of TV, movies and videos in the past few months, and the quest to find what to watch next is getting easier with Google Australia launching a new search feature today to help you find what to watch next.

The feature launched in the US last year, but is live now in Australia. You can simply search “good shows to watch” or “what to watch” and Google will recommend content to rent, buy, or stream.

You’ll see search results pop up in a swipeable carousel on mobile, or a list on desktop. You’ll see suggestions from multiple services including local providers like Stan and Foxtel, as well as Disney+, Netflix and of course Google’s own YouTube and Google Play Movies services. Google has also said they’ll be looking ‘forward to adding more streaming providers in the coming months.

As you swipe through suggestions, which you can refine with genre’s like “horror movies from the 80s” or “adventure documentaries about climbing”, you can add shows or movies to your ‘Watchlist’, which you can access on the ‘Watchlist’ tab next time you do that search.

As well as your Watchlist you can also tap the ‘edit providers’ button at the top of the search to add or remove content suggestions for providers you don’t have a subscription service for.

It works pretty well, and with a few more providers like Kayo, they could even do sport recommendations. Google has said they will be adding more features like this in the coming months, so stay tuned, but in the meantime ask Google what to watch tonight.