If you want to stand out, you need a bold design, and in the packed world of SUVs there’s bland, bland and a bit of colour here and there – oh, and the Nissan Juke. Not any more, Hyundai have revealed the new 2021 Santa Fe, and this is much more than a facelift.

“Charismatic styling” is how Hyundai describe it, but deep down this is about targeting the family market where SUV sales are king.

Gotta say, it has a premium look to it, and something very futuristic up the front.

SangYup Lee the head of Global Design at Hyundai says “We modernised the new Santa Fe with premium features and appealing aesthetics that are sure to add value,”

“The bold lines that extend from one side to the other and from front to back give Santa Fe a rugged yet refined look that SUV customers want. Besides, we’ve added numerous features and functions to create a truly family-focused SUV that is a pleasure to drive.”

The entire front end is epic, some things we’ve not seen before and particularly in car at this level of the market.

Within the narrow headlights and the secondary light panel separated by a body coloured strip below them is a T-Shaped running light which I think will look epic.

The side profile is frankly tame compared, but perfectly well done nonetheless, and while the rear is equally tame, the rear lights help give a modern and premium finish to the car.

Inside the straight lines we see in a lot of cars is replaced by gradual curves on almost every surface and it’s both unique and pleasing on the eye.

All the console controls are lowered to a centre console position that is angled back toward the armrest in what looks like a very comfortable and ergonomic design.

Up top is a new 10.25 inch touchscreen with all the connectivity and infotainment you’d need.

The all new Santa Fe arrives in Australia in the second half of this year.