Imagine you can buy a Bluetooth speaker for $99 that is also an FM Radio, it’s also capable of playing music from a USB – and, wait for it, you can play your CDs too!

That’s the Laser Ghetto Blaster Boombox! Available now at Big W for just $99 (Will go up to $149 soon!) this is a whole lot of fun.

What a flashback huh?

This is really quite simple, but – as a party speaker, or one for your next BBQ – a great talking point too!

And if that CD you’re playing isn’t part of your digital library, throw a USB in there and hit record, the Laser Boombox will “rip” your CD into digital files.

But of course, paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, you’ve got all the modern features.

All the functions are push buttons, I’d have preferred a big volume dial personally, but it’s a flashback when you realise to play track 23 you need to skip forward 23 times, and there’s no shuffle function on CDs either.

Sound isn’t bloody bad for the price, it easily fills a room and there are a few EQ settings to play with too if you like.

You’ll need eight C size batteries to power it on the go, or plug it into the wall no drama.

Bottom line, I think of this as a $99 Bluetooth speaker – with some great extra features and a solid retro look!

Web: Big W