For $120 the STM ChargeTree is the all-in-one charging device for all your personal Apple products. iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods all sit nicely on charge while you sleep or work.

Available now at Harvey Norman the ChargeTree is pretty bloody good value given it’s the one device you need on your desk or bedside table to stay charged.

What I love most about it isn’t just that it will charge all three things at once, but there’s a small bar of lights on the bottom showing you what’s charging. One light for Apple Watch, one for iPhone and one for Airpods. Nice.

There’s no power brick in the box, just a USB-A to USB-C cable, but we’ve all got something lying around to plug into don’t we?

Design is a bit out there to be honest, and without the gear on it, does look a bit strange, but it’s fit for purpose in every way.

I think it looks great on the desk, and I don’t mind charging the Apple Watch during the day so you can wear it sleeping for sleep tracking.

Otherwise, put down the airpods, take of the watch at night and charge them all, ready to throw on and in the pockets for a new day every morning.

Nice work from STM

Web: Harvey Norman / STM