From today you can get one hell of a slab of beer to come across as the complete legend turning up at your mate’s place for a BBQ!

This epic slab is legit. It will cost you $250, and contains 99 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Last November in America this was a huge hit for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas the month later – 99 cans is enough to make Christmas with Family a breeze:)

Don’t be a slacker rocking up with a six pack, this huge slab measures two meters long, and weighs 37kg! It’s basically a keg of beer in 99 cans.

Dave O’Connor from Tribe Breweries who distribute Pabst in Australia says, “Pabst truly is one of the great heritage beer brands and has been so well received in Australia. As we start to resume our normal habits, spending time with friends and celebrating occasions together, our team is looking forward to seeing the weird and wacky ways people will undoubtedly respond to this launch.”

You can find your nearest stockist of the 99 can pack at the Tribe Website

If you’ve no idea what Pabst Blue Ribbon is, probably worth giving a single can or smaller pack a try first from Dan Murphy’s or BWS – rather than rocking up with 99 of them and not being able to tell your mates it’s a good drink:)