The Lifestyler: Does your Lifestyle still include Podcasts?

A few weeks ago the LifeStyler wrote about how one of our cars had sat in the garage for so long without being driven that the battery went flat.  I have also previously talked about watching more TV and in particular streaming services.

Having the fridge and pantry close by has also meant I have eaten a bit more.  How many of you are in that boat?

Good news for the LifeStyler is that Mrs. LifeStyler who was no longer visiting the Gym got a subscription to online exercise classes and in the privacy of my own home have been doing a class every weeknight.  Net result I am fitter and have lost weight. If you are interested, we have been doing Les Mills classes and there is something for everyone.  For kids to the elderly from dance to fight to yoga to body attack to weights etc.

The big change in my consumption has actually been for podcasts. About 2 years ago I downloaded the pocket cast app on Trev’s recommendation and now rarely listen to live radio.  Over time the list of subscribed feeds has increased and I look forward to content that is most interesting to me. However, the bad news is with the lack of traveling and always being at home means I am not listening to my podcasts.  I find myself in a dilemma from going to not having enough content to weeks of listening backing up. 

The rare times I do listen to podcasts now, what do you think I listen to?  Is it my favourite like the Two blokes or something else.  The answer might surprise you.  The LifeStyler will listen to podcasts that have some sort of time sensitivity to them first.  E.g. Podcasts like Two Blokes or The Motley Fool (financial) have information around the week that’s been.  Other podcasts that are my favourites like Rusty’ s Garage or The Howie Games (sport) are just sitting there waiting for me to travel again because they are I guess timeless.

So what has happened to your Lifestyle during COVID?  In particular, has your podcast listening gone up or down and how do you choose what you listen to first?  EFTM would love to know.  Till next week Cheers!

The Lifestyler: Does your Lifestyle still include Podcasts?
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