Uber Eats is on notice: Get yourselves some delivery drivers and food partners in Nana Glen – Russell Crowe needs you.

Not Russell himself, though I’m sure he’d be partial to a drop from the local Two Tails Wines, but his kids.

When the pandemic set in, and lockdowns became the norm, Russell’s two boys, Charles aged 17 and Tennyson aged 14 were given the chance to spend the isolation with their mum in Sydney, or Dad up in the bush at Russell’s huge property 30km’s inland from Coffs Harbour in a little town called Nana Glen.

Crowe told Jimmy Fallon the boys decided to stay in Sydney. Why? Simple. Uber Eats.

So Uber – get your skates on, sign up the Idle in Cafe and give some peace of mind to the locals, let alone Russell and his boys.