The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forward huge change in a range of industries, and in our homes it’s put our networks to the test.

One of the hottest products in the last three months have been Mesh WiFi systems.

Netgear Orbi was a mainstream pioneer of this technology and is a benchmark for the technology.

Current Orbi systems will provide whole of home WiFi coverage at the speed you’re paying for, Orbi has been a game changer for many households struggling with poor speeds or blackspots despite paying for a premium NBN experience.

With the concept of mesh gaining ground among consumers, Netgear is poised nicely to take this to the next level for the most advanced homes in Australia.

Introducing WiFi 6 to the Orbi range.

WiFi 6 is the latest generation WiFi standard, offering faster speeds, better range and better performance.

Smartphones like the iPhone 11 series, Samsung’s S10 and S20 and more support the standard, but home routers have taken a while to adopt the technology. Consider them the egg in the chicken and egg equation – assuming you think the Chicken comes first:)

Netgear will release two Orbi WiFi 6 models in the coming months, both of them offer a network with a dedicated internal backhaul in your home for all the internet traffic.

The top of the line RBK852 features 12 WiFi streams, eight of them for your device connectivity, four of them for the Orbi devices communication.

For a little less expense, the RBC752 provides 8 WiFi streams.

Critically, WiFi 6 and these additional streams allow multiple connections simultaneously. This means that even for homes with a vast array of connected devices there’s more efficient networking resulting in faster speeds, better response times and an all round better performance.

These devices are aimed at the home with 40+ connected devices. In my home that number tops 57, meaning the RBK852 should cover everything.

But it comes at a price.

The RBK752 will be available for $949, while the RBK852 will be $1399.

Stock should arrive in retail stores across Australia in August.