I’m pretty keen on companies that produce more sustainable products for everyday use. As a family we have been using bamboo toothbrushes for several years now and love them.

So when Bulldog Skincare sent over their new Bamboo Razor for us to review I was pretty keen.

The handle of this razor is made from a renewable and regenerative species of bamboo native to Taiwan and China known as tortoise shell.  It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, reaching 20m in just a few months. In spurts it can do a metre per day, which is similar to my Fitbit stats during lockdown.

The great thing about bamboo is that after harvest it keeps growing, so is a perfect for creating sustainable products. Also, in my opinion it’s a pretty beautiful wood.

Bamboo is durable, but does break down eventually, as we have experienced with our toothbrushes. When it needs replacing, the bamboo handle can be unscrewed at the razor base and composted.

Apologies in advance to Bulldog and our readers for using my own face to showcase a product. It has been said the only thing my face could sell is contraception.

The shave itself was great, smooth, quick and thorough. Best of all, I didn’t finish with nicks and cuts all over my face, which in itself is pretty amazing. I’m that guy who can cut themselves with an electric shaver.

The flexible razor head has 5 steel blades and did give me a nice smooth clean. While there are lots of other razor options out there, most containing bold adjectives like Turbo, Pro, Fully Sick Bro, they are all pretty similar. I think what makes Bulldog stand-out is its focus on being a more sustainable alternative. The shave itself is on par with all the regular brands.

The Original Bamboo Razor will set you back $18 including 2 blade heads.

A refill pack of 4 x blade heads is also $18.

Available at Woolies now.