Every year Apple calls for entries to their iPhone Photography awards, celebrating the amazing photos “shot on iPhone”.

Entrants from over 140 countries submit photos, and this year three Aussies have won awards across four categories.

Anthony Ginns

Second Place – Travel

With a background in Design and Advertising, Anthony lives in the Blue Mountains and has moved into Photography as his career, studying a Diploma of Photography.

“I love the immediacy of iPhone and the Apple lifestyle. On iPhone or iPad you have all the tools you need to create something so potent. The ability to download amazing apps through the App Store to a device that’s in your pocket is an extraordinary experience. When the need arises you have something as capable as a DSLR in your pocket. I love to create images with a film noir feel to them – they are mysterious and play with shadows and end up looking like something out of a movie!”

This is his photo which scored Second Place in the Travel category:

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Josephine Cafanga

Third Place – News & Events

Josephine has a passion for photography, and appreciates the immediacy and convenience of the iPhone for capturing those moments.

“I love taking photos with my iPhone, in particular Portrait mode which happens to be great for taking photos of vintage fashion too! My iPhone is always in my hand or pocket at the ready to capture the world around me. I find it therapeutic taking photographs. The photo selected in the iPhone Photography Awards was taken on a typical cold Melbourne day as the sky over the MCG was constantly changing. That reflected the game on the ground, even more so when the double rainbow appeared and the sparkle at the end of that rainbow. I love the detail of the crowd you see when you zoom in – in that sense the iPhone is quite extraordinary.”

Her impressive Third Place photo, taken at the MCG is here:

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Glenn Homann

First Place – Trees

Third Place – People

Glenn only uses the iPhone for photography, and has done since the iPhone 4. Now on the iPhone 11 Pro he captures moments though life and his travels.

“I love what I can capture with iPhone 11 Pro. I was immediately drawn to its Deep Fusion technology and it has meant I can be even more creative. I have been playing around with low light and the detail iPhone 11 Pro captures is amazing.”

He’s won two awards, third place in the “People” category:

And First place in the “Trees” Category:

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The Grand Prize, the overall best photo was awarded to Dimpy Bhalotia from the United Kingdom for this photo shot in India:

Stunning photos. Congrats to the winners.