Watching streaming video anywhere is getting easier with the option now available to play your favourite movie or TV show from Foxtel, Netflix and Stan to a Google’s Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max.

Google launched the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max with support for video streaming YouTube, however other video services have been surprisingly absent, at least until now.

To add the option to stream one of these services on your Nest Hub smart display, you need to link your service to the Google Assistant. To do this you simply open the Google Home app, slide out the menu and select ‘Video’ under the Manage Services section, then add Netflix, Stan or Foxtel from the list available. 

Once linked you can use your voice to say things like “Hey Google, watch Wolf Creek on Stan”, or “Ok Google, play Game of Thrones on Foxtel”.

Another feature for Nest Hub Max is that Google has enabled gesture support for streaming video. Now you can use Quick Gestures which let you easily pause or resume your video, all you have to do is look at your Nest Hub Max and raise your hand.

Neither the Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max are going to make the greatest devices for binge watching a season or watching a full movie, but I’ve often played YouTube videos on it while cooking, and now I can transfer a show I’m watching from one of these services from my TV to my Nest Hub Max which is a nice bonus.

You can get yourself a Nest Hub from just $99 at the moment from the Google Store online, or a range of retailers, or if you want the larger model with the camera for video calls using Duo (you can do group video calls now) you can get one from $349.