The beginning of 2020 started out with a big bang, and reminded us all of how much we like fresh air. Now with Australians spending up to 90% of their daily lives indoors Samsung wants us to breath fresh air with a new range of air purifiers now available at retail, with filters and options to match anyone’s budget.

The new range includes sensors which can then display information on air-quality using an intuitive ‘4 colour indicator’ display, which changes in real-time. Some of the new range announced today are Wi-Fi enabled, letting you check the air quality, as well as turn the unit on or off, check the air quality and control functions.

The Samsung air purifier range is headlined by the fully featured AX9500 – also known as ‘The Cube’ which ‘disperses clean air gently and quietly through almost 60,000 micro-holes, with lower noise levels overall and less draft’.

A Numeric EasyView Display and a Laser PM sensor are included which let you check the data on air quality, including letting you know the ‘PM1.0/2.5/10 size pollution and the overall air quality level with a 4-color Indicator’

For larger areas there’s also the AX7500 and AX5500, both of which use a 3-way air flow and dual power fan, drawing in air from the front, before feeding through three distinct filters. The three layers of filters – which include a Washable Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Deodorisation Filter and True HEPA Filter – are designed to capture airborne particles, harmful gases and inhibits the spread of captured bacteria.

Also on offer are the more budget friendly AX40T3030 and AX34T3020. Pricing for the new range looks like this:

ModelPriceAvailable FromAvailable When:
AX7500$, JB Hi-Fi, The Good GuysNow
AX5500$, JB Hi-Fi, The Good GuysNow
AX40T3030$, BunningsNow
AX34T3020$, The Good GuysNow

The Samsung Air Purifiers will notify you when the filter needs to be replaced, which Samsung says depending on level of usage can be between 1-3 years of use.

Replacement carbon and HEPA filterFilter Model:RRP, Ex GST
AX40T3030 & AX34T3020CFX-G100/GB$119

Air Purifiers can capture up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust and even bacteria, which makes an Air Purifier a must for anyone in allergy season. With Spring almost upon us, and possibly another smokey Summer ahead, it may pay to get in early and check out what’s on offer.