There’s a glitch in the matrix. A shift in our buying trends – something strange for rusted on and loyal Australian consumer market. We’re buying outright at big retail stores in bigger numbers than ever when it comes to that flagship smartphone.

Speaking to EFTM, Samsung’s Vice President, Mobile Division here in Australia Garry McGregor says there’s a change in the way we research then buy phones like the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

“Australian’s historically would do their research online, go into JB Hi-Fi or Harvey’s to touch and feel the product, and then walk over and sign a contract with Telstra, Optus or Vodafone”.

He went on to say “I believe this time around people will make JB or Harvey’s their destination for purchasing this device.

And this is not just about the new devices on the market, McGregor telling EFTM it’s a change that’s been growing – “we’ve seen a real big shift to open retail over the last few months.”

“I think there’s just that idea of value, coinciding with the fact that carriers have removed subsidies and decoupled the handset cost and the carriage cost.”

Bottom line, Aussies are now being confronted with the true cost of their phones, rather than that being hidden in the monthly plan cost, and we’re choosing to just pay for the phone outright.