Microsoft Game Pass is already great value, but it’s getting better ahead of the November 10th launch of the Xbox Series X and S. Microsoft has today announced new content, as well as EA Play is coming to the service in October and November.

There’s a number of titles heading to Game Pass in October, with EA Play adding more than 60 titles to the service from November 10th. Content on the service will cover both PC and the Xbox console, with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription required to access the PC content as well as the console.

Joining the Game Pass service on October 1st will be Doom Eternal on Xbox, with Drake Hollow available on PC. October 8th sees Forza Motorsport 7 (PC &Console), Brütal Legend (Console) and Ikenfell (Console & PC) all joining Game Pass.

The big news for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers is the addition of more than 60 titles from EA Play. The EA Play library includes a load of great titles including Titanfall, Dead Space, and Mirror’s Edge all of which will become available to subscribers from November 10th (Xbox Series X/S launch day!).

EA Play

Microsoft is doing well to make Game Pass an offer almost too good to refuse. Game Pass is available with a $1 trial for the first month, with the price set at $10.95ea per month on either PC or Console, or you can get both for $15.95 per month.

Game Pass

Game Pass is already good value, but Microsoft is looking to add more titles in the future. The company purchased Zenimax and game publisher Bethesda Softworks, creators of critically acclaimed and best-selling gaming franchises including The Elder Scrolls and Falloutlast week with the titles any future titles expected to arrive on Game Pass on day one, a bargain for any gamer.

If you’re into all you can eat gaming this is great news. If you’re new to Xbox and picking up a new console on November 10th, this is a good way to try out your new console.