Time to up that savings plan for Christmas shopping, Microsoft has announced the local Xbox Series X Australian pricing for their latest and greatest console and it’s baby brother the Series S.

Full on gaming with the Xbox Series X will set you back $749 – that’s $50 more than the launch price of the Xbox One X, and pretty reasonable overall – but a big price to pay no doubt.

For something great but not quite as great, you can get the power and performance of the current Xbox One X in the body of a smaller slimmer unit, the new Xbox Series S. This little guy will cost you $499.

If that’s all a bit much, you can opt for the monthly payments using Xbox All Access. Currently available through Telstra, this splits the monthly cost – plus a bit. Here’s how the new Consoles will be priced against the current:

Pre orders start on September 22, the consoles go on-sale on November 10.

Your move Playstation.