Another Facebook ad, another night of wondering “is that product as good as the video makes out” because we’ve all thought about it, some of us have been stung. So today I’m testing the GoCube to see if it can help me Solve a Rubik’s Cube.

This isn’t the first, and won’t be the last connected Rubik’s Cube, but the good news is it’s a legit product that does just what it says it can.

Sending out Bluetooth signals you simply download the GoCube App for Android or iOS and you’re ready to go.

The GoCube

The app sees the cube, and once you centre the GoCube (White square up top, green square facing you) and sync with the mobile device, you can see a virtual GoCube on screen which is identically messed up – or solved, as yours.

For the beginner this is about learning the Rubik’s Cube. If someone says R2, U2, F’, B you’re wondering if this is a new character from Star Wars but in fact they are moves on the Cube that help you solve a Rubik’s cube.

GoCube connected to it's app on an iPad

Learn those basics and then the patterns toward solving the whole thing through a pathway progression within the GoCube app.

Really simple, but you have to focus.

I haven’t had the time to really learn, but I understand more now than I ever have.

iPad showing GoCube app with successful completion message

Watching my eight year old last night play with this for the first time he was blown away with what he was learning, and I can see this being a much faster process than how my now 13 year old taught himself from instructions.

Once you’re solving things, there’s some more neat tricks. Solo or multiplayer challenges, in real-time, and because the GoCube knows how messed up it is and thus how hard it will be to solve the rubik’s cube, and it knows when it’s solved, it can accurately time you too.

The GoCube and it's packaging

No more apps for timing, no slamming that keyboard, this is real.

Oh, and if you or your kids have messed up the cube and just want to solve it – no problem, hit the Solver and it will give you step by step instructions on getting those side back to full block colour.

A solved GoCube

Not cheap at $70 USD, but man, a really cool gadget I have to say!

Web: Available online at GetGoCube