Make: Volkswagen

Model: T-Cross

Variant: 85TSI Style

Engine / Transmission: 1.0 litre  – 7 Speed DSG automatic

Manufacturer Claimed Fuel Economy: 5.4L/100km combined 

Price: From $38,346 as tested drive away

First Impressions:

We recently tested the ‘poverty pack’ T-Cross; the ‘Life’. The EFTM Garage is now home to the top spec ‘Style’. Further, as tested, this particular T-Cross is loaded with the Sound and Vision pack and the R Design styling package.

Tech Inside: 

Being the top spec model, the ‘Style’ sports LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, blind spot assist and park assist. Throw in the Sound and Vision pack and you will find yourself with Beats branded stereo and digital cockpit. The R Design option doesn’t add any tech, but does include a tasty body kit and really great front seats. 

Most Impressive:

The 1.0 litre three cylinder fitted to the T-Cross range really is a brilliant engine. The three cylinder format results in a characterful, fun power delivery. It uses a ridiculously small amount of fuel while delivering completely usable real world performance.  

Not So Impressive :

The ‘Style’ with all the fruit tops out at a smidge under $39k and begins to look pricey. Only you will be able to decide if all this fruit is good value. For me, I would choose the ‘Life’ spec every single time. 

Regardless of what specification you choose, you are going to have to get used to what is perhaps the worst stop-start system known to man. The fuel saving benefits of this technology is questionable at the best of times, yet I can understand the pressure Volkswagen must feel to include this function.

The problem is that the constant engine shut down and restarting just doesn’t work with the grumbly, thrumbly three cylinder engine. This engine is the star of the T-Cross range; unfortunately, stop-start ruins the experience. Still, there is a button in easy reach to shut it down. 


Make sure the sales team shows you a car in the ‘Life’ spec – it’s a really clever balance of equipment and value. Oh, and make sure they show you where the button is to turn off the stop-start.