Belkin has today announced the local availability of their first accessory to work with DockKit, Apple’s framework that allows accessories to track subjects are they move around the iPhone being used.

The new Auto-Tracking Stand Pro provides automatic, silent, motorised camerawork using the iPhone’s built-in camera thanks to this subject-tracking framework from Apple. This means that as you move around the accessory it will track you allowing you to stay in the iPhone camera’s frame.

The Stand Pro is capable of a 360 degree field of view )pan) and 90 degrees of tilt allowing users and creators to be able to focus on their content without having to concern themselves about whether they are in frame or not.

Made with MagSafe, you can chat and charge at the same time, at up to 15W wireless charging when the device is plugged in using the included USB-C cable and 30W power supply. When not plugged in, it will still operate as a DockKit-compatible stand thanks to the in-built rechargeable battery.

DockKit works with the camera in your iPhone 12 or later allowing you to open the camera inside FaceTime, Instagram, TikTok, Canva, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams and more and have the Stand Pro track your movements allowing you to be your most creative.

The Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is available now at and select retailers for AU$299.95.