When Apple make announcements of new products they like to showcase the devices with apps or use cases. This might involve game developers showing powerful graphics performance or other applications.

For the iPhone 12, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max feature a new Lidar sensor which allows for more accurate and immersive Augmented Reality.

To demonstrate this, Apple showed vision of an app called JigSpace.

This app allows placement of items within a floor space which is perfect for planning out a production workflow in industrial applications as was shown at the Apple iPhone 12 presentation.

Founded in 2015 and launched in 2017, JigSpace is a Melbourne company and their app has millions of users.

JigSpace co-founder Zac Duff told EFTM “This is a big moment for augmented reality, and for JigSpace. Today marks the convergence of the critical hardware and software elements required to make spatial computing ubiquitous – fast data-transfer, spatial awareness, people and environment occlusion, and the processing power to run it all – in one easy to use device.

“Jigs are a transformational knowledge experience that allow people to understand the world around them, faster. Today’s Apple keynote demonstrated how easy Jigs are to create and use – all from an app on your iPhone.

“Our vision is that no new product should launch without a Jig. Based on our early customer success and today’s announcement by Apple, that vision is one step closer.  

“What we’re most excited about is the utility that this unlocks. We’ve always believed that creating and sharing knowledge in 3D should be simple, useful, and delightful.

“Imagine a world where you can look at anything and ask, “how does that work? What’s that made of? How do I fix that?” and the answer is immediately available, right there in front of you. Well, that doesn’t require imagination any longer. Just JigSpace and an iPhone.

It’s a big deal to be featured by Apple on the App Store, let alone on their live keynote presentations, so congrats to the JigSpace team!