The LifeStyler has worked on and off from home for a third of his working life.  This means over the years I am pretty well set up.  What we have seen during COVID is a mass buy-up of equipment to support the operation of doing your job from home.

Now, although many have returned to work and more still will return to the office over time, many will still work from home.

Many of you may have noticed the weather has started to get warmer.  The LifeStyler himself has begun to think about moving his desk into a room with air-conditioning.  I have that possibility, but many don’t so no doubt there will come the point as the temperature rises that many will think about getting an air conditioner.

Two things to be wary of.  In a typical year, getting an Airconditioner before Christmas has always been a struggle from the availability of installers. Thus if demand peaks like I believe it will you should be buying and booking your install now.  Alternatively, there are many portable air conditioning units that do not need to be installed on your wall, instead are free-standing but need a hose poked out a window (with a window kit) to expel the hot air.  This is something you can very easily do yourself but again get in quick before all the units are bought up, and the supply becomes an issue.

Stay cool dude!  Make sure the fridge is stocked well! Cheers!