Google has today announced there’s new Australian animals joining their extensive set of 3D models available in Search, letting you place the animals in your backyard, living room,  or classroom using Augmented Reality (AR).

From today you can search for eight animals including koala, kangaroo, quokka, wombat, platypus, emu, kookaburra or echidna on your mobile browser. The animals can be searched on both Android and iOS or in the Google App, then tap “View in 3D” from the results to place them.

Not only can you place the animals anywhere in your environment in full life-size, on Android you can even hear what they sound like, with Google promising sounds are coming soon to iOS as well.

While the animals are in view in your phones display you’ll also be able to snap photos and record videos of these Aussie icons.

The devastating bushfires which tore through the Australian bush early in the year, caused Google to see an uptick in search for Australian animals. There was even some concern in trends that Koalas were extinct – they’re not.

These new animals expand the already extensive selection of Augmented Reality models Google has available in Search. Models range from animals through to anatomical models and even the Apollo 11 Lander. 

You can try out the search now on your mobile.