In three out of the four years we’ve been running these awards, Kia has won this category. That says a lot about their range, their vehicles, their build quality and features.

In fact, the three cars are not even the same models in newer versions. The Sportage in 2016, The Carnival in 2017, and this year the all-new Kia Sorento.

This one was unanimous among the team, and this award goes to the Sorento range. No matter which version you choose, this new look car is a stunner.

Outstanding new design, a great ride, excellent space and amazing tech features for the price. If you’re buying a seven seater and don’t drive the Sorento you’re throwing money at a wall.

BEST 2020 Family Car

And while I wouldn’t want to take the focus off this 2021 model Sorento, looking into 2021 launches, I’d be surprised if the new Kia Carnival isn’t the early front-runner for the Best Family Car of 2021 quite frankly.

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