BEST 2020 Ute

EFTM Best Ute 2020: RAM 1500

If you can get past the size – then the RAM 1500 is the Ute or pickup truck, or dual-cab for you. Whatever you call them, these things are the “utes” of 2020, and the RAM 1500 is the king.

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There’s that stance on the road, there’s the heads it turns. And there’s some serious questions to ask about it’s usability compared to a Ranger, or Hilux, but for many, the size in the cab, and the versatility of the tray make it a winner.

I never picked Flipsy as a big truck kinda guy, but this one was hard to get the keys back. He didn’t sugar coat his review, but what matters today is if asked to buy one Ute, which would it be – the RAM 1500. Simple!

Oh, and for complete edification, our rules are simple, if we didn’t drive it – it’s not a contender. So if you really think the Hilux is better – take that up with Toyota.

BEST 2020 Ute

Our Review: EFTM

EFTM Best Ute 2020: RAM 1500
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