A hell of a lot of contenders for this prize. Apple’s first 5G phones, Samsung’s comprehensive range and many more.

But using the Google Pixel 4a for an extended period made me appreciate the purity of that device.

Then came the 4a (5G) and the Pixel 5. While the Pixel 5 is technically a higher quality device, it’s that value proposition once again that drew us to the Pixel 4a (5G) as our winner.

Apple can’t offer that value – a $799 phone that’s top notch? Sure the SE is a cracker, but it’s aged in features other than power.

Samsung’s best aren’t tremendous value, and their phones in this price range haven’t been tested enough.

So, with 5G on board, we settled in the middle ground on Google – the Pixel 4a (5G) will satisfy any buyer. Trust me.

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