These are challenging times we’re living in, and one of the frustrating challenges is keeping across all the COVID-19 Updates, particularly at the moment for Sydneysiders. But one man has made your life easier with a new website called Covid-19 Near Me.

Yep, it does what it says in the title. Go there, and you’ll see where COVID-19 is near you. More specifically, you’ll see a list of venues that have been deemed to be potential exposure sites, but instead of the complex list NSW health is distributing, Sydney Developer Ken Tsang has made it a map, with an easy checklist for you.

First time you visit you’ll see near on 200 locations. These are either of great concern, or just a place you should be aware of depending on the exposure type.

But, they are also listed by Suburb, and allow you to “tick” them off one by one, or suburb by suburb to ensure you’re AOK and don’t need to test or isolate.

Critically, each location has a colour code. Red ones are high risk, and if you click them and see the exposure times match a time you were there, you must test and isolate for 14 days regardless of the test results.

For those in Orange, you should check the times, again, get tested, but if negative you are free from isolation.

Blue ones are a watch and act level using Bushfire terminology – keep an eye on yourself (and your family) for any COVID symptoms.

Ken Tsang is the man behind it, and he told EFTM he developed the site to simplify the venue listings “NSW Health has been putting out long lists of locations every day and it was getting pretty hard to keep a track of them. I built COVID-19 Near Me to make it easier for me track the latest locations and any changes to the advice.”

You and I might look at the site and think that’s a mighty big effort and a lot of work went into it – but for someone as talented as Ken, not so, he told us “It took about 3 days to build it from start to finish. It was awesome that NSW Health published this list as open data – it made it far easier to start building.”

A brilliant website, in trying times making things easier.

Web: Covid 19 Near Me
Well done: Ken Tsang

Of course, if you are concerned about your own health, your potential exposure or any symptoms, please get tested, and follow the advice of your healthcare professional.

I’ve had four tests – it’s fine, it’s easy, it’s free and it’s fast.