You’ve invested in the little white box, the famous Apple Airpods. But when you need them, where are they? Buried in the bottom of your bag? In your pocket? Somewhere you last left them? Now with the Jura Anchor for Airpods you can keep them attached to your bag or keychain no problem at all!

This is really a nifty product, which adds a carabiner style hook to your Airpods simply by attaching to the lightning port on the bottom of the Airpods charging case.

Jura Anchor for Airpods hanging from a backpack.

It’s also very simple. The Jura Anchor for Airpods has the carabiner style hook, attached to a small rounded white enclosure which is designed to look closely integrated with the Airpods case. Inside that enclosure is a small metal protrusion, which looks like a lightening charger, but it’s actually a dummy.

It must be every so slightly thicker than a lightning charger because it is much harder to remove – which is what you need to ensure your Airpods aren’t falling off the hook.

Jura Anchor for Airpods  in Rose Gold

Jura say the Anchor for Airpods will support 15 times the weight of your AirPods, and I can tell you in my testing it never looked at all likely the case would just fall off.

Because the shape of the Airpods case hasn’t changed, just the size, the clips also work on both Airpods and Airpods Pro – which is great.

Three of the colours and styles available.

I can’t speak to the long-term damage the little metal bit might do to the lightning charger, but for a Wireless Airpods Charging Case who cares!

There are three colours, Silver, Black, Grey and Rose Gold. For a couple of bucks more you can get them in “Real Titanium” which offers a much fancier looking clip – my favourite for sure.

hanging on a keychain, the Jura Anchor for Airpods

Find them online at Jura – the Jura Anchor for Airpods delivered will set you back around $40 Aussie depending on the exchange rate.

If I was an Aussie retailer, I’d be getting these in store to really upsell Airpods owners.

Jura Anchor for Airpods retail box