When I was a boy the best I could do was a huge Atlas if I wanted to work out where in the world a place was, and to find out the currency of that country or see the flag that would take additional research in the old Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia. Now, kids can get that and much more with the interactive LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe.

Available for $129 or less, this globe uses a stylus to interact, point at any place on the globe and you learn information about that area.

Choose categories like Currency, Size, Flag and more, and that information is what you get with every tap on any area.

Plus, there are videos accompanying many of the answers, such as videos of animals when on that category, or a photo of the Flag when exploring the world by flags.

All that appears on a small colour screen at the base.

And, to make it fun, there are games, challenge yourself or your mate to a quiz and give it a go!

Loads of fun, great detail, amazing amount of information and it just works right out of the box.

Available at Myer, Big W and Target. At the time of writing Target had the best price at just $95!