I just bought McDonald’s Large Fries and paid just 5c. All thanks to a new deal in the Maccas app using Apple Pay.

Now I was skeptical about this when Matt posted this in the EFTM Man Cave, so – I had to check it out for myself. Turns out, the only catch is it’s 100% exclusive to Apple Pay users.

That bag cost me 5c, as did the contents. Seriously.

Here’s the notification MyMaccas app users are getting on their iPhone:

So, let’s check it out. Yep, still there in the app too:

Add to mobile order? Hell yeah!

There’s my new order – ready to add it in:

When I viewed my total order, no strings attached.

Just gotta click Finish and pay with my FaceID (or TouchID)

Done, now off to Maccas – on arrival – drive through it is:

That’s gotta be the strangest order ever right?

Once you pickup your order – the Apple Pay payment goes through:

Here’s exactly how it’s represented in my Bank app:


Back at the office – look what’s in the bag.

If we’re honest, I got a bit ripped off on the “large” – but, fairs fair, it cost me 5c:)

Felt bad at the drive through, so I did a tap and go donation (using Apple Pay!) to the Ronald McDonald House.

Sadly, it’s a one time coupon per MyMaccas app user.

Android users, your “deal” is $1 large fries. Seems Google aren’t as good at the deal making as Apple are:)