If you’re looking for a unique gift for a fan of technology, we’ve found just the right thing. An iPhone 4S broken into all its parts, and framed from Grid Studio.

Shipped from China, these come very well packed, in fact the packaging alone was a delight, from the GRID branded black paper wrapping to the GRID branded ribbon with a wax seal – very very nice.

Open it up, and this thing is a stunner. This is one Facebook ad that produced the goods.

This iPhone 4S has been broken down, and all of its parts laid out and labelled on a board, which has then been framed very very nicely.

At $199 Aussie ($139USD) it’s not cheap, but it’s a really unique wall hanging.

Get $20 off at GRID by using the discount code “EFTM“!

The company also lists an iPod Touch, and Nokia E71 – personally, I’m hanging out for the return of the Blackberry Bold 9000 – that’s a classic.

Web: GRID Studio

Get $20 off at GRID by using the discount code “EFTM“!