For those with more than one wireless charging capable device there’s not been a lot of options to simplify the charging experience. This may be the answer for many, with the Nomad Base Station Pro available in Australia for $299.

Now, before you spit out your drink – that seems like a lot. But some perspective. A good quality single phone charger will set you back $100-$129.

Dual chargers easily $199, so in reality you’re paying for three, but in one device.

Why is that a good thing? Think about the entry table where you throw your keys – imagine the Nomad Base Station Pro sitting there. Keys down, Phone down, Headphone case down, all charging as you need.

But the triple device charging capabilities of the Nomad Base Station Pro isn’t really the most notable feature here. In fact, it’s the randomness at which you can place your devices that makes this a winner.

There are 18 “coils” or charging locations under the charging mat. That means you have a 1 in 18 chance of landing your phone in a suitable location to charge from.

Give it a second after you place it down and power will be sent to the coil most suited to the placement of your device.

Be a bit anal about it and place the phones in a perfect alignment with Airpods on the side – fine.

This works with any qi compatible wireless device. I’ve tested many phones, and some headphones which have wireless charging capabilities. All good.

There are three lights on the front which light up when there are 1, 2 or 3 devices on the Nomad Base Station Pro charging.

One negative might be the slow charge rate. 5W for most devices, apparently 7.5W for Apple – but who cares? Aren’t you putting your phone down at the end of a long day so it’s ready for the next?

I’ve always found that if I’m desperate for juice I plug the phone in! Get it in fast.

The only reason Apple might strive for something else is that their Apple Watch is not qi compatible so requires a separate charger.

If you’re a multi-wireless charging device household, this is a cracker. Nice design, easy to use. Winner.

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