The first all electric Porsche is almost here, and as the Taycan gets closer the Porsche Centre sales and service locations nationwide are preparing with the installation of new – quite fancy – EV charging stations.

Installed with the JET Charge team who are also behind the ChargeFox network, these chargers will be the lifeblood of many an EV and PHEV in the years ahead.

Sam Curtis, Boss of Porsche Cars Australia said “It is exciting to see years of planning and preparation now come to fruition at Porsche Centres around Australia,”

“When Porsche Centres take delivery of the new Taycan from February 2021, our people and facilities will be well prepared.”

Tim Washington, CEO of JET Charge explained these are no ordinary chargers “Some of the chargers we have installed in Porsche Centres in recent months are among the fastest charging stations available globally,”

“Porsche Centres with these ultra-rapid DC chargers give us a glimpse into the future of dealerships. They are not only a place to buy, sell and maintain cars, but potentially recharge your electric vehicle in a fast and convenient way.”

More power is what a car needs, and More power is what an EV needs – and fast – the Taycan is capable of an 80% charge in 22.5 minutes using a 350kW DC Charging station, so this is an important infrastructure.

Some dealers will have 350kW chargers – those pictured are ABB hardware, others 175kW – no matter the case, it’s going to be quicker than your bog-standard power point.

Several dealers are also using Solar and Battery storage to power the ultra-fast charging setup.

EFTM understands there are already a couple of Taycan’s in Australia for training purposes, and while the cars for buyers are expected in January, Porsche need to complete the home charging checks before those installations along with these new Dealer chargers can be complete.

Deliveries are expected in late February, with Aussie owners are waiting with anticipation. One buyer telling EFTM they’re keeping a close eye on the shipment as the boat the Taycan rides aboard is currently passed by South Africa on it’s way to Australia