An 82 inch TV is enormous folks, and it’s impressive to be in the room with, which is why so many people are on the lookout for a big-big screen TV. We’ve come across a cracking deal at the Good Guys that will see you walking out with an 82 inch TV for under $1700!

This one is a Linsar Smart TV and the $1695 price tag is an $800 discount for the weekend only and it ends on January 11.

It’s a big unit. So big that in its retail box it wouldn’t fit inside my enormous Kia Carnival. So, you better have a big van, a wide ute, or be prepared to pay for delivery.

As a Smart TV, the Linsar 82 Incher has Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime built in. There’s no likelihood any other apps will come to the TV, so if you’re looking for more, we recommend a $99 Chromecast with Google TV.

I’ve watched a bit of Netflix, and some YouTube on this TV and it’s impressive. 4K Resolution and HDR make for a more than decent picture, though you should know it’s refresh rate is 60hz, so fast moving content or gaming isn’t ideal for those with an eye for motion smoothness.

But this isn’t a TV built to be paired with a PS5, this TV is made for lovers of YouTube, Netflix, Amazon who want the most impressive sized screen they can afford.

Make no mistake, 82 inches is enormous, it will impress anyone who walks into the room.

Be sure to have a plan to both get it home, and get it out of the box – I can tell you from personal experience, this is NOT a one man job!

Get it while it lasts: The Good Guys